Plumbers Near Me

We are taking safety precautions, wearing PPE, and even offering discounts to those affected.

It’s 3 AM, you get up, go into the bathroom, and you step on a wet floor. Oh no! There’s water leaking from under the sink. You immediately grab your phone and Google, “24 hour plumbers near me”. That may be how you found us!

Water & Sewer Emergency

If you currently have an emergency situation with your water or sewer, that needs immediate attention, please call  1 (866) 2-SQUADS

Gas Emergency

  1. If you smell gas (rotten egg smell), get out of the property IMMEDIATELY! 
  2. CALL 911
  3. Once the gas has been shut off and the emergency has passed call us: 1-866-277-8237

plumbers near me customer 5 star review columbia scWe are here for you in an emergency, and we also know it’s better to maintain your systems to prevent problems. Here’s a few quick tips:

  1. Sewer Drain Lines: Regularly check your sewer lines to make sure everything is working as it should. Check for cracks, blockages, and leaks in pipes.
  2. Water Pipes: Inspect your water pipes. If they show signs of poor water pressure or volume, you see leaking or corroding pipes, or you have rusty/discolored water it’s time to have your water pipes replaced or repaired.
  3. Gas Fireplace: Have your gas fireplace inspected by a professional each year before using it for the cold months.

Questions? 1 (866) 2-SQUADS or email