Take Care of Your Sewer Lines

We are taking safety precautions, wearing PPE, and even offering discounts to those affected.

Emergency Plumber Near Me: Take Care of Your Sewer Lines

Yes, we will be there at midnight with our drain snake unclogging your sewer line. Once the sewer line is clear, we will make sure to explain how the clog could have been prevented.  

At home, or at work, you may find yourself flushing things down the drain you thought were “sewer safe”. You also may not realize there are outside elements that can clog your drains. 

Here’s a couple of tips that may help you prevent a middle of the night call to Plumbsquads when your sewer is backing up into your house, yard, or parking lot.

  • Do Not Flush Wipes! Wipes that say "sewer safe" or "septic safe" should never be flushed. Why? It takes too long for the wipes' material to break down in order for them to actually be "sewer safe". Constantly flushing wipes can lead to build up that can clog the sewer so badly that the pipe can burst
    Wipes removed from a clogged commercial sewer line

  • Outdoor Debris Will Clog Your Drains. Do you live in an area that gets lots of downpours of rain? Mulch from your yard or a neighbor's yard can get collected in the water runoff & clog your landscape drain, or other outdoor drain. If you have a yard drain make sure it has a drain grate to prevent leaves, mulch, and other debris from entering the drain.  Keep leaves and pine straw from collecting in your yard. This will prevent them from being pushed into your drains during heavy rains.

Mulch that has clogged a drain

If you currently have a need for an emergency plumber please call  1 (866) 277-8237

In order to effectively maintain your sewer lines and drain systems, it’s a must to call Plumbsquads the minute problems arise. Remember, the earlier you catch an issue, the less likely it is to become a huge problem.

Questions? 1 (866) 2-SQUADS or email plumbsquads@gmail.com 

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